24 Hours in Venice


grand canal mafia sign
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

Venice, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Being a city without cars, residents and tourists get around on water taxis, vaporetti, and by foot. If you are going to visit Venice for one day only there is a lot of ground to cover. Here is a list of activities that you can cover within 24 hours in Venice.

Take a Free Guided Walking Tour

walking tour will provide an orientation of the city, show you unknown and unusual places or facts, plus an extensive history lesson of all things Venice. This gorgeous city is best experienced through walking. The best part is that it helps get your bearings. That will enable you to double back to whatever most interests you and/or your partner and prioritize what you will do with your short time in this remarkable city.

venice 3
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

Piazza San Marco

The main public square, featured in countless movies, is more captivating in person than depicted on film. You can sit at one of the cafes located on the perimeter of the square for as long as you wish and listen to a live mini orchestra and daydream or people watch.  Due to concerns regarding disease, the hundreds of pigeons that used to inhabit the center of the piazza and subjects of thousands of photo opportunities, are no longer in the Piazza.

piazza san marco
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

St. Marks Basilica

You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the beauty of this 11th century Italo-Byzantine and Gothic cathedral. Located at Piazza San Marco,  Basilica Di San Marco  is known by the nickname Chisesa D’Oro (Church of gold). Visitors must have their shoulders and knees covered if they want to enter the church.

st.marks 3
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

Bridge of Sighs

This white limestone bridge received its name when convicts sighed as they viewed Venice for one last time on the way to their imprisonment at Dodge’s Palace. According to local legend, depicted in the movie A Little Romance, lovers are granted eternal love if they kiss on a gondola at sunset, under the bridge while the bells of St. Mark’s are tolling.

See a Glass Blowing Demonstration

Venice has dozens of venetian glass blowing demonstrations available. Watch in amazement as these artisans mold the glass into works of art. You can take the vaparetto to Murano Island and see a demonstration ,or you can just walk into one of the many Murano glass shops and factories in and around Piazza San Marco and ask if you can see a demonstration.

canal 2
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

Gondola Ride

A visit to Venice would be incomplete without this excursion. A gondola ride can be  expensive , but the memories you take from the experience are priceless. You cannot help but get swept up in the romance as you sail through the narrow waterways and Grand Canal while serenated by an opera singer.

Photo by Nicole Bergstrom



As you wander through the narrow streets of Venice, you will come across many shops, ranging from small family operations to high end fashion boutiques .  You can find everything from souvenirs to designer clothes and jewelry here.


Rialto Bridge

This bridge is the dividing line between the San Marco and San Polo districts. It is the oldest bridge crossing the canal. Originally a pontoon bridge, dates to 1181 and went through several incarnations until it became the present-day stone bridge in 1591.  The views of the Grand Canal are unforgettable from this point. You can climb the stone steps and soak in the Grand Canal, shop on the bridge itself or eat nearby. You don’t want to miss it.

Photo by Nicole Bergstrom


In spite of having a stomach virus, I had a wonderful 24 hours in Venice. Nicole in Venice, Italy November 2016
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom
venice 2
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom
venice 1
Photo by Nicole Bergstrom






  1. I had less than 24 hours in Venice and that was not enough! So much more still to see so thanks for sharing your experience.


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