Why Travel?

Photo by Nicole Bergstrom, April 2017

Why travel? If you ask me that question, my answer would be, why not? I suppose it is just me, but I will never understand why if someone has the means to travel but would choose not to. The opportunity of travel is what I live for. It is my natural high. To me it is worth the hassle of airports, security screenings and hours sitting in coach until my rear end is asleep.

Photo by Nicole Bergstrom December 2017

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew travel was what I wanted to do. Growing up in my working-class home in Southern New Jersey, I was a quiet little reader. I wanted to visit every place I ever read about.

mona lisa
Mona Lisa at the Louvre Photo by Nicole Bergstrom Paris, France

My main inspiration is my father. As he was dying of lung cancer, he told me of all the places he had not been and all he had not seen in his life that was almost over. Whenever I go somewhere new, I look around at the scenery and absorb it in. I say softly to myself, ‘This is for you Dad.’

Venice, Italy November 2016 Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

So far it has been an awesome journey of discovery.  I have seen the splendors of Europe such as the Eiffel Tower, The Grand Canal of Venice and Stonehenge. In Mexico, I swam with sea turtles and explored Chichen Itza. At home here in America, I have seen the Grand Canyon, surfed at Waikiki Beach, rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and explored some of the biggest cities including my favorite, New York City.

Central Park, Photo by Nicole Bergstrom

What do I have planned next? In 2019 I plan to explore Asia for the first time. I am still deciding where my next destination will be, and I should have my mind made up by the end of 2018.

Stonehenge, November 2017

When I am an old woman, I doubt I will remember specifically any material item I have bought. But, I am most certain that I will remember meeting Pope Benedict at the Vatican.

Vatican, March 2009

It is the experiences that we take with us, and those experiences stay with us always.  That is what makes travel worth it.

Waimea 1
North Shore, Oahu Photo by Nicole Bergstrom


  1. Yes yes yes! Why not? I’m always confused by people who have all the means to travel but simply choose not to. I couldn’t imagine not seeing as much of the world as possible. Thanks for sharing!


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