Will I Call New York Home Again?

New York City is an old friend to me. I miss it. It has been seven years since lived there and not a day goes by that I don’t miss being there. Some of the best years of my life were spent there, including college and my first marriage. I am not only charmed by the city, but by the Lower Hudson Valley which I actually called home.

I have never had the same sense of excitement anywhere else. I really do feel like anything is possible when I step out and walk those streets. Anyone that is friends with me on Facebook must be tired of my numerous posts and photos of my various New York City adventures over the years. This city is one place I never will tire of visiting.

I have been suffering from a months long case of writer’s block. For the past 18 months, I have been separated with a divorce pending. During this time, I also had a car accident where I suffered a minor head injury.  My writing momentum was lost after that accident. It has been a struggle to get it back ever since. I was hoping my weekend business trip to New York would help inspire me to write again.

My press badge for the show

Last weekend I attended the 16thannual New York Times Travel Show. The first day of the show I walked the 1.3 miles from my hotel at East 33rd Street to the Javits Center. I started my way on that chilly morning with my hat, scarf and gloves. I walked my way west on 34th Street towards the Hudson River. During the walk, I observed the people on the sidewalks and the traffic on the street.  Everyone was heading to their destinations on this Friday morning. I absorbed the entire atmosphere of my surroundings. I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window and the reflection showed a woman that totally belonged in these surroundings.

For a few minutes it was 1999 all over again, when I was a journalism student in the media capital of the world. I was now older and more mature than I was then, but I had the optimism inside of me that I always had, I just had to get it back.

Inside the Javits Center during the NYT Travel Show

Will New York welcome me with open arms again? My short trip seemed to be exactly what I needed to get over my writer’s block as evidenced by what you are now reading. I regret that I ever left, and when the opportunity arises, I will again be a resident of the Empire State.  Will New York forgive me and welcome me back? The greatest and most exciting city has already welcomed me back with every visit.


My view looking east on 34th Street on my way back to the hotel.


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