Packing with a Sense of Economy

Now that I am traveling for work and not just for leisure, I need to focus on packing with a sense of economy. I have never been a light packer. I want to bring as much as possible, ‘just in case’ a certain scenario comes up during my travels. 

Photo courtesy of Needpix

This meme on Facebook is a perfect example of bringing way more clothes than I need.

What Stays and What Will Go?

I have also been doing research on google on how to pack with more of a sense of economy. I always make a promise to myself that this time I am going to streamline this and only take what I absolutely need. As I start the process and go through my clothes and decide what to pack, it begins to snowball and the next thing I know is I am struggling to make my suitcases under the required 50 pounds.

Packing with a sense of economy is easier if you lay items out first

When I choose what to pack, I consider where I am going and what I may be doing. It really is better to have mix and match clothing for the day to day. Then you need to have clothing appropriate for the weather conditions where you are visiting. I need to bring at least one item of business attire for meetings, plus comfortable clothes for touring.  I will need sneakers and workout attire for the gym, plus a swimsuit for the beach. But then, I may go on a date when I am away so I should pack a nice dress or two. The result ends up being several more items in the case that adds considerably more weight. I always want to have plenty of choices in clothing for any possible scenario and weather condition that may come up. 

My struggles as I pack

Learning to Let Go

Since I plan to be traveling abroad for the next three to six months, I had paired down the items in my life. I have given some things to my children for safekeeping and put the rest in storage. Following the same principle, I have to pare down my packing. Nonetheless, it still seems to be difficult for me to pack light. I always feel like I never pack enough, and I add extra things in the suitcase that I ultimately never end up using during the trip. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

I have just over a month before I embark on this new journey and chapter. It will be interesting to see how much of my past will be joining me in the future. Can I handle packing with a sense of economy while still bringing all I need?

One thing I will always carry with me is the love of my children and my friends. I want to thank everyone that has supported me through this next transition in my life. The love that I carry from them does not hurt my shoulders, but it does warm my heart. 


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