Walking Along the Seoul City Wall

On a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning in January, I decided to spend the day walking along the Seoul City Wall. One entrance to the wall was about five blocks from my hotel, so I decided against riding the subway and set out on this cool but not frigid day.

The Seoul City Wall

The Seoul City Wall surrounds the city. I thought I would be able to do a complete loop following the wall. But I discovered the walkways have many directions. They lead to look out points and some dead ends. Therefore, I had to double back on the walkway a few times and head in a different direction. The walk was steep in many places going up and down. As a result, I had to occasionally rest after walking a steep section uphill. There were many pavilions for resting as well as playgrounds for children. The site even had exercise equipment throughout for visitors to use. From this height, there are spectacular views of the city plus the four mountains that surround it Baegaksan, Naksan, Namsan, and Inwangsan. The wall itself is just over 18 kilometers long and about 12 kilometers are designated as a Historical Site.

After I exited Naksan Park I walked into Ihwa Mural Village. This quaint little village had many small shops, art galleries, and a number of murals. Many tourists were taking photos in front of the murals. Afterwards I made my way down into the city. Seoul is a very easy city to walk as the streets are in a grid pattern.

Ihwa Mural Village

I managed to navigate my way back to my hotel based on the many helpful maps posted along the streets of Seoul. I had walked many miles this day. It was a wonderful day exploring and walking along the Seoul City Wall.


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