So Long, Seoul 소롱, 서울

I had fun during my two weeks in Seoul. I hope to visit again so I can see even more of what this city has to offer. Until then, so long, Seoul.

On my last full day in the city, I decided just to hop on the subway, get off at a random stop to just explore. I love taking photos of people just going about their business and getting candid shots.

Gwanghwamun Square

Ice Skaters near the Financial District

The children skating here seem to really enjoy themselves. This January day was chilly and sunny and the perfect weather for the activity.

Noom Plaza

There are many shops and restaurants in this area. Adjacent is the Myeongdong Cathedral. I suppose due to the proximity of the cathedral to the plaza, that is why this religious zealot was marching around preaching his pro Jesus message.

Near the Seoul City Tower

I spotted this landmark in the financial district and just headed in that direction. The roads leading up to it were steep in places and by the time I got to the cable car depot, I was exhausted.

My two weeks in Seoul really flew by. I would like to come back again, but next time will be in warm weather so I can really explore. I hope to see the DMZ and JSA on my next time here as well. For now, I will say 소롱, 서울 (So Long, Seoul)!


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