Disoriented and Staying Small in Tokyo

When I first arrived at my hostel in Tokyo, I HATED it. It is a traditional Japanese hostel with bunk beds. My personal space was a little bigger than a coffin in my opinion. At first, I thought about finding another place to stay. Upon further reflection, I chose this hostel because I wanted to have an authentic cultural experience. I will get used to this city with a little bit of exploration . I accept this challenge of being disoriented and staying small in a Tokyo hostel.

Tokyo Sky Tower view form the street of my hostel
Tokyo Sky Tower as seen from the street at my hostel

Disoriented and Staying Small in a Tokyo Hostel

It is a good thing that I am a small woman and do not have claustrophobia.

My bed in the Tokyo hostel
My sleeping space for the next two weeks

I have stayed in several hotels and hostels so far on this Asian trip. All have been different with the range of accommodation and space. My work requires me to have solitude, and having my own room and bathroom helps with that. But, I feel I tend to keep to myself a bit too much. The bed is primarily for sleeping, not hanging out or working. This hostel has WIFI and two common rooms which are perfect for working and socializing.

My Criteria

When I looking for places to stay, I think about what is most important for me. The main criteria for me is cleanliness and safety. This hostel certainly fits my criteria. It is modern, spotless and it is in a safe neighborhood in the Chou City area of central Tokyo.

My past experiences with hotel stays plus my two seasons as a front desk clerk allow me to be objective about the reviews. I usually read reviews on booking sites such as Expedia and Trip Advisor. If 90 percent of the online reviews are positive, I will usually book it.

I am not a light packer. Since I planned to be away from the USA for at least three months ( and now due to opportunities that have come along the way) I intend to be away for at least another six months. I packed my large suitcase with clothing for warm and cold weather. It was impossible for me to maintain a small suitcase.

I will learn how to make the most of the space I am in and enjoy my stay in Tokyo. This is a new city and I will get my bearings very soon. This is going to be a challenge for me but I am up to the task. I will get over being disoriented and staying small in Tokyo.



  1. Good luck Nicole, i understand what you mean, specially because i carry many stuff lol 2 years ago i went to volunteer in a Taipei hostel and for 2 months my ‘house’ was a bed like that… anyway, it was a good challenge for me, not only i managed but i also saved a lot of money and had the chance to discover more of the city 🙂 enjoy Tokyo! Greetings from Portugal, PedroL


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