Out and About in Tokyo

After I adjusted to my lodging in Tokyo I did my usual exploration of the city. The first day I went alone and visited Shibuya Crossing. The second day, I joined a guided tour and saw many of the highlights of the city. Here are my photos from my first week out and about in Tokyo.

Shibuya Crossing

I have seen this location many times in movies such as Lost in Translation and I wondered what it would be like to experience it. The intensity of being there is no match to what I saw on the screen. Shibuya Crossing reminds me of Times Square in my beloved New York. The foot traffic and energy are magnified significantly compared to the famous intersection in the America’s biggest city. 

Meiji Jungu Shinto Shrine

The tour arrived at this shrine just as a coming of age ceremony was concluded. Participants were dressed in traditional Japanese costumes.

Imperial Palace East Garden

This is the garden adjacent to where the Emperor and Emperess of Japan live. It was once guarded by numerous samurai warriors because of the threat of attack from their enemies.

Sensoji Temple and Asakusa

Then the tour went to Sensoji Temple , which is the oldest and one of the biggest Buddhist Temples in Tokyo. This temple dates back to the year 628. I had purchased some Japanese green tea at one of the many shops along Nakamise Shopping Street.

I had lunch in a sumo wrestler restaurant and ate a delicious Chanko Hot Pot meal.

Tokyo Skytree

From the observation deck, a panoramic view of the city can be seen. There were also several shops and restaurants in this building.

Cruise Across Tokyo Bay

The tour finished the day with a cruise. The boat made its way passed the site where the 2020 Olympic Games will be held this summer. The sun was going down and the clouds momentarily had a pinkish hue.

The weather for these two days was great because it was like spring at nearly sixty degrees and sunny both days. As a result, it was enjoyable to walk around and explore. I look forward to seeing more of this massive city in the remaining time I have here.


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