My DNA Brought Me Home

Is it destiny that brings us to certain places in our lives? Fate must be the reason how my DNA brought me home. 

I always knew that I had English ancestry. I just did not know how much of it. The story I had heard was that one of my great grandmothers sailed into Ellis Island from England during the second immigration surge that occurred between 1880 and 1920. 

For most of my life I thought that I was primarily Austrian/German based on my parent’s surnames which were Dorr and Widman. In the late 1980s my brother had given my father a Christmas gift that was a name origin. It was discovered the name Dorr originated around the 12th century in Austria. The first known person to have this name was Heinz Dorr who had received a Coat of Arms. 

My partner, Arthur, had given me a DNA test kit for a Christmas gift. I had wanted to discover my origins.

My DNA breakdown is as follows:

English 74.1%

Irish, Scottish and Welsh 21.7%

Iberian  2.9%

Eastern European 1.3%

One of the ethnicities that surprised me the most was Iberian. Perhaps some of my English ancestors had wandered East onto mainland Europe and started families there with locals. 

Now we have DNA to help us solve the mystery of our origins. Before the DNA testing became available to the consumer market, we mostly had our grandparents telling us our origins. 

As of this writing, I have been living in England for a year. I met and fell in love with an Englishman while traveling in Thailand in December 2019. I wonder is it fate that brought me here, back to my true homeland. It seems my DNA Brought Me Home.

York England
York, England


  1. What a neat story! My dad did something similar– we always thought we had English heritage, but it turned out we were super Irish. I love the little surprises– like your Iberian ancestry!


  2. I really had a “feel good” feeling after reading your post. We all migrate to different places for work and so many other reasons. But there will always be a mysterious force which bonds us with our roots


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