Solo in Seoul

This is my first trip to Korea. I arrived at my hotel at 1:30 am on Saturday morning. After spending two months in Thailand with an average of 90-degree weather, my body went into a kind of shock. I went from Summer to Winter literally overnight. After I readjusted to the cooler weather, I was ready to get out and explore. Here are some highlights from my first days solo in Seoul. 

My First Walk Around Solo in Seoul

My first task here was finding a winter coat as I did not pack one. I was lucky to find a nice warm coat at a marketplace a few blocks from my hotel.

I took a walk to orient myself to the immediate neighborhood. It is getting easier to navigate around a strange city. Seoul reminds me of New York because it is just as populated with nearly ten million people but the area is geographically larger.

As I walk down the crowded street on this Sunday morning, I feel like I truly stand out. I seem to be the only Caucasian person walking the streets amongst the Koreans. As a result, I made an effort to interact with the residents.

My first Monday I had a half day tour of Jogyesa Temple and Gyeonbokgung Palace. It was freezing this day, however I enjoyed visiting the Temple and the Palace. 

Jogyesa Temple

Gyeonbokgung Palace

I got to see the changing of the guard at Gyeonbokgung Palace.  This is the largest of the five grand palaces in Seoul and dates all the way back to 1395.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Exploring Gyeonbokgung Palace.

After the ceremony was completed, I braved the frigid weather and explored the palace. Here I saw shrines, plus the separate King’s and Queen’s residences. We also discovered a very accurate sun dial.

I am looking forward to more exploration of this fascinating city. Keep following my blog for more of my discoveries while solo in Seoul.



  1. We visited Seoul in the winter and were SHOCKED at how cold it was! It was definitely much colder than Japan (and I can’t even imagine how much colder than Thailand!) Seoul was such an amazing place, I can’t wait to go back– your photos brought back so many memories. Beautiful!


  2. Nice article. This is a place that I am becoming more and more interested to visiting. Hopefully when this pandemic is under control, I will be able to visit.


  3. Seoul is one of the places we cant wait to visit. Your beautiful pictures only add to this desire, can’t wait to follow your adventures!


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